House Tharashk

The half-orcs of House Tharashk use the Mark of Finding to work as prospectors, inquisitors, and bounty hunters. The Mark of Finding first appeared in the Shadow Marches about one thousand years ago. After being visited by House Sivis representatives five hundred years ago, the holders of the mark decided to follow the example of the gnomes and form an economic force of their own.

The initial business of the house was derived from the immense Eberron dragonshard deposits in the region; Tharashk quickly became the prime suppliers of Eberron dragonshards to the rest of Khorvaire. Over the last three hundred years, the house has expanded its operations across Khorvaire, working as trackers and prospectors beyond compare.

The affairs of the house are managed from Zarash’ak by a triumvirate representing the old clans. Members include Daric d’Velderan (CG male half-orc, ranger 6/dragonmark heir 2), Khundar’aashta (NE male half-orc, rogue 6/dragonmark heir 3), and Maagrim d’Tharashk (N female half-orc, druid 7/heir of Siberys 3). The Triumvirate appoints regional leaders to run Tharashk operations in other nations, and these leaders, in turn, appoint lesser officers within the territories they control.

Although orcs cannot manifest the Mark of Finding, House Tharashk includes orc members. The orcs devote their physical strength to mining and prospecting, or to assisting their marked cousins on bounty hunting assignments.

House Tharashk maintains a number of different operations under the auspices of the Finders Guild. Members help miners locate rich deposits, as well as maintaining significant mining operations of their own. The guild has a virtual monopoly on the Eberron dragonshard trade. Using skilled inquisitors and bounty hunters, both marked and unmarked, the house conducts such business. In addition, Tharashk has recently been acting as a clearinghouse for the services of mercenaries from Droaam, including monstrous soldiers, ogre laborers, harpy scouts, and others.

House Tharashk

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