House Ghallanda

The Mark of Hospitality appeared among the halflings of the Talenta Plains nearly thirty-two hundred years ago. By using its powers related to food and shelter, the Ghallanda clan became a powerful force among the nomads of the Plains. Eventually, the family began to send representatives to the burgeoning human nations, and the Hostelers Guild was born

Today, the patriarch of the house holds court in the ancient city of Gatherhold. Here, Baron Yoren d’Ghallanda (CG male halfling, expert 3/bard 4) keeps a firm grip on both aspects of his house’s heritage—the traditional nomadic culture still practiced on the Talenta Plains and the “civilized” halflings who have been living among the other common races for thousands of years.

In the Talenta Plains, House Ghallanda maintains the shared city of Gatherhold for the many nomadic halfling tribes that use it for trading and clan meetings. In the Plains, the house also provides a traveling fair called the Wandering Inn for halflings ranging far from the protective walls of Gatherhold.

In the other nations, the integrated halflings who grew up among the common races operate the Hostelers Guild. Members of the guild include innkeepers, chefs, and restaurateurs, as well as inspectors who enforce standards and regulate business for all member establishments—those run by the house as well as those independent inns and restaurants willing to earn the house seal and display it for all to see.

House Ghallanda

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