Hi Guys.

I have decided to write a pathfinder Eberron campaign, but i want to introduce the characters in a way that is more organic than the usual “you all happen to be in the same place when shit hits the fan” method and as such i wont be running it for quite a while.

what i would like is for everyone to come up with a character concept and, for those of you who dont know much or anything about eberron, we will then work to fit your character into the world and work on the backstory. For those of you who do know Eberron come up with a backstory and we can tweak it to fit better if need be.

Rolling Stats

ok so i am switching up my usual method for rolling stats, we are going with a slight variation of the Heroic method in the Pathfinder core rule book. Each stat will be 2d6+6, roll 7 stats and take the highest 6.

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

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