Character Suggestions

Character Suggestions

here are a couple of character ideas that fit into the campaign setting for those of you who are having trouble thinking of something.

Cyran Refugee: you were possibly a soldier fighting outside the borders of Cyre on the day of mourning, or a merchant on business, or an explorer charting the wilds of Zen’drik, in any case your whole world changed when you found out your homeland was completely destroyed by some unknown magical catastrophy. You now try and get buy among former enemies.

Savage Talenta Halfling Dinosaur Rider: you were born in the saddle of a dinosaur on the vast grasslands of the Talenta Plains. You are a fierce hunter with a close bond with your dinosaur companion, and you share a relentless frenzy when in the height of battle.

Blade-bearer of the Valenar: you are an elf of the Valaes Tairn of the Tairnadal, part of a warrior culture unmatched in skill by any military on Khorvaire, nay, Eberron. you seek to relive the great deeds of your giant fighting ancestors and travel the land in search of worthy foes and challengers to bring glory and honor to them.

Changeling Sneak: you wear more than one face on a daily basis, perhaps you run several businesses as different people, a member of the shadowy Cabinet of Faces, or maybe you just use your natural shapechanging ability to scam rubes out of their gold.

Kalashtar Shadow Watcher: you inherited a secret war that has been raging for effectively millennia. Not content to bring about an age of light through devotion and meditation you have decided to bring the fight to the darkness that dreams and its Reidran servants. You use speed, stealth and the powers of the mind as your weapons to bring down you foes.

Servant of the Flame: you are a devotee of the church of the silver flame, maybe you are an inquisitive hunting down the few remaining lycanthropes, perhaps you are a knight of thrane protecting the borders of your homeland or a cleric of the church sent to sharn to root out corruption. In any case you have devoted yourself to protecting eberron from supernatural threats.

Orc Druid of the Gatekeepers: Of a proud and noble people, eons ago your ancestors stood as a bulwark against the Daelkyr, dread lords from Xoriat, the plane of Madness. You now hunt for those unspeakable things that remain. Perhaps you search the depths of Kyber, the alleyways of Sharn or the wilds of Xen’drik for the horrors that slither in the night. Always upholding the oath of the Gatekeepers, to protect Eberron from those that would corrupt it to madness.

Character Suggestions

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